Aaron In The Fallen By Sniegoski

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During life people will experience searches, a way to find themselves or something physical. These searches can help people become who they are meant to be. Aaron, an 18-year-old boy in The Fallen by Sniegoski, has just started to find himself. In the book, Aaron had been told that he is the Nephilim to reunite all fallen angels with the Creator. He has rejected this statement until one day the Powers, elite group of angels, lead by Verchiel, sent to kill Nephilim, found him and destroyed his parents. Zeke and Camael tried to protect him, but Aaron eventually let his angel side come to life and became the One. During the fight, the Powers took Aaron’s little brother, Stevie, and now Aaron and Camael are on their way to get him back. This book has three very important searches, Aaron tries to embrace who he really is, all the fallen angels wish to be reunited with God, and Verchiel’s determination to kill Aaron…show more content…
To be told you’re part of a huge prophecy can take a toll on a person. Aaron is the key to heaven, which forces him to make a major decision, help all fallen angels or just him. In the book Aaron had talked about how he doesn’t really want anything to do with the prophecy, but after the attack on his family he doesn’t exactly know what to do. He has always felt he was negligible, but now to have something to give his life meaning makes him special, even if it’s dangerous. Furthermore, Aaron is still trying to figure himself out and find out what kind of person he wants to

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