Fall Of The Aztec Empire Essay

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The Aztec Empire collapsed during 1521, due to the Spaniards colonization on the Aztec’s land. The Spaniards were in search of a New World to gain power and gold. There were able to destroy the Aztec Empire with the help of other groups that were against them. Some of the reasons that lead to the fall of the Aztec Empire and cause of there vanish were religion, sacrifices, politics and disease. Of course there is probably other factors that we haven’t discovered yet that contributed into their downfall. Spaniard were in luck to allied with the Tlaxcala Indians, that was the best move they had done to conquer the Aztec Empire. It was a tactical move after arriving to Mexico now that Tlaxcala had grown hate and bitterness against the Aztecs. Spaniards took their help specially that they didn’t have enough troops to take over the Aztec Empire. The main reason why Tlaxcaltecas took the side of the Spaniards was because Aztecs and Tlaxcala were fighting about a century of flower wars. Them both had a goal, the Spanish wanted to enrich themselves and gain glory, and the Tlaxcaltecas…show more content…
They practiced their religion so serious because they had fear of nature and the end of the world. Five gods created the world for them and also destroyed it with wind and floods. Aztecs believed that if there was a natural disaster it was because the gods were not pleased in what they were doing. Aztecs were in hope that a possible return of Quetzalcoatl was going to be soon, as all of them were waiting for a sign, until they saw Cortes. The Spaniards to advantage of what they were thinking of Cortes, mainly that they thought Quetzalcoatl sent him. Aztecs were doing everything they could to keep Cortes in their land, by giving him gold and goods. If the Aztecs wouldn’t have believe that Cortes was sent by their god, that could have prevented the destruction of the empire, specially that they would have acted immediate against the

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