Brian Doyle's 'Joyas Voladoras'

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“Joyas Voladoras” is a beautiful text written by Brian Doyle. He wrote the text because his son was missing chamber, and he was inspired to write about hearts in many different ways. The underlying message Brian Doyle is sending in “Joyas Voladoras” is no matter how much you protect your heart, no matter how you care your heart, your heart will still broken. First, hummingbirds need to be more careful with their hearts. Doyle said “They can fly backwards. They can fly more than five hundred miles without pausing to rest. But when they rest they come close to death” ( 30, line 16-19). This shows that hummingbirds need to be more careful with their hearts because if they rest they will probably die, so they…show more content…
Doyle says “It weighs more than seven tons” (pg. 31, line 62). This proves that the biggest heart in the world is inside the blue whale because seven tons is about weights of elephants. Also, Blue whale have lots of chambers. Doyle said “It is room, with four chambers. A child could walk around in it, head high, bending only to step through the valves”(pg. 31, line 63). This shows that blue whale have lots of chambers because it says blue whale have four chambers. As you can see, the biggest heart in the world is inside the blue whale and blue whale have lots of chambers. Even though the blue whale's heart is so massive, even they can have their hearts broken. Doyle explains “the animals with the largest hearts in the world generally travel in pair, and their penetrating moaning cries, their piercing yearning tongue, can be heard underwater for miles and miles.” (pg. 32, line 81-85). This shows that blue whale also can have hearts broken even they are so…show more content…
Doyle says “When young we think there will come one person who will savor and sustain us always; when we are older we know this is the dream of a child, that all hearts finally are bruised and scarred, …. the memory of your father’s voice early in the morning echoing from the kitchen where he is making pancakes for his children”. (pg. 33, line 105-124). This illustrates that our heart has emotions because perhaps we could not bear to be so naked. To continue, You are alone in the house of the heart. Doyle says ““We are utterly open with no one, in the end-not mother and father, not wife or husband, not lover, not child, not friend”. (pg. 32-33, line 98-101). This shows that your heart do not have anyone

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