Fall Of Five Essay

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The book Fall of Five by Pittacus Lore is the 4th book in the I am number four series. It is about a group of ten teens who as babies were fled from their alien planet, given special powers, and brought to earth to help fight an alien race called Mogadorians. Fall of Five follows one of the teens who took the name John Smith. The Fall of Five starts where all of the teens have grouped together but the fifth one. I really enjoyed the first 3 books and I love the first half of the 4th one. The action in this book has the readers at the edge of your seat. From monster wars, to CIA agents fighting aliens there is everything in this book. In the first half of Fall off Five John and the others found number 5. Unfortunately he is not experienced…show more content…
These 10 kids that grew up with normal lives all totally different need to come together and learn to work together to take down the Mogadorian race. On page 91 Marina says “Morning, Eggs?” I think this quote shows how these 10 people, now living in one of their homes, are all helping out as friends. Although this is the simplest quotes in the book when you look and think about it, it has a lot of meaning. These people are barely living, but yet sharing their bare minimum of resources with each other. Another meaningful quote I found was on page 100 when Six says “ She was up all night, but Ella is definitely getting better.” Again although this quote is so small it has much meaning. Ella was recently found, they thought there were only 9 of them but Ella was an unknown 10th. Setekaus Ra, the leader of the Mogadorian race, has been haunting Ella in her dreams so the 8 of them have been taking turns watching her. They are caring for each other like brother and sister. As the book goes by they become very close to humans but need to leave them behind moving around to find others. There are three humans that know their secret, come and help fight with them throughout the book. I can connect this struggled friendship to me when I make a basketball team. I never made the town team so I always tried out for the club teams and would make them. I would not know anyone on the team but if I wanted to win then I had to become friends and work
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