Fairy Tales Analysis

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As a child, I enjoyed reading because I was able to go into a different world and travel through other people's minds. It also allowed me to learn about other cultures and household values that were different from mine. Classic Fairy tales have been brought into our childhood through the past decades to teach us about right and wrong. What most people don’t know is that the fairy tales we were exposed to were the “children friendly” versions. In reality the original versions expose violence and contradicting acts to what's right in our society to point out why it's wrong. This is precisely why fairy tales are not appropriate for young audiences because they teach more harm than good through unrealistic situations. So to be quite frank, fairytales…show more content…
In fairy tales that character is referred to as the “boogey” who can also be the antagonist. The boogey can be the highlight of the stories moral but that doesn't make it easier to identify who the boogey is. What makes it difficult is that the boogey isn't always the beast or the scary character, it might not even be disguised to begin with. In The Wolf and Seven Young Kids, you would think the wolf is the boogey, but wouldn’t it be the mother? From the start the mother is telling her 7 children “I’m going into the forest, and I want you to be on your guard against the wolf” (Zipes 18). She leaves her 7 children knowing the danger she has left them vulnerable too and expects them to be able to defend themselves. When she came back the wolf had eaten them “all up , skin and bones” (Zipes 18) and she still reacted surprised as if she didn't know this would of happened. She then finds one of her children who later helps her cut the wolf open to save the rest of the children, fills the wolf up with stones and finally tricks him into falling over a water well to kill him. What can we say about what she is teaching her children with her violent acts? For an audience of parents it could understood the lesson in this fairy tale is “never leave you children home alone” and on the other hand it could be “ teach your children basic self defense “. The boogey in The Wolf And Seven Young Kids, which is the mother is really the character who we see is doing the right thing but morally is worst than the wolf. All the wolf did was look for food in order to survive and go on with his life. Did he deserve to die for satisfying his desire to
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