Beauty And The Beast By Jeanne-Marie Le Prince De Beaumont

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The story of Beauty and the Beast is magical. It is a well-known and adored book by Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont, and more commonly known as Disney’s movie version. There is an abundance of changes in detail that make the two pieces have a different impact. Some of these changes include the addition of Gaston, the removal of Belle’s siblings, and the difference of core concepts between the book and movie. In retrospect, some of these additions and takeaways have changed the moral of the story. One change is the beast’s personality, being it is darker in Disney’s version. The prince, better known as the beast, lived in a castle and had everything he wanted. He was a shallow, selfish and spoiled man. On a winter’s night, an old beggar…show more content…
He was added for comedic relief as well as being the story’s villain. A Disney movie is simply not a Disney movie without a malevolent villain. Gaston does the job in providing entertainment and later on evolves into a terrifying anti-hero. Gaston heavily tries to win the heart of the beauty. He spends much of his time assembling ways to get her to marry him. Belle is not interested in Gaston for obvious reasons. However, many of the town’s women, three in particular, are in awe that Belle does not want to be Gaston’s wife. The audience either doesn’t like Gaston from the start, or grows to not like him, and not liking him is inevitable. Disney’s version is easier to relate to and is more entertaining. Gaston catches your attention even though he is arrogant. Many of Disney’s movies have a challenging romantic aspect and Gaston is also added for…show more content…
When Belle realizes that the Beast is in danger her and her father dash back to the castle. There is a battle scene between the Beast and Gaston. We see Belle reach out her hand for the Beast to grab, and as he is climbing toward her Gaston stabs a knife through his back. In turn, Gaston falls to his death and the Beast lay there slowly dying. Belle is distraught and starts to shed tears, confessing her love for him. It is then the spell is broken. The Beast whimsically lifts in the air as he transforms back into human form. Belle did not recognize him at first but looks into his eyes and knows it is her love. From then on, they live happily ever after. From the beginning of Disney’s version we see Beast as self centered and bratty. However, in the books version the Beast is rather kind. The change in nature of the Beast for Disney’s version is well worth it. Disney’s version triumphs the book’s version. It’s more entertaining and you learn various lessons in a touching way. It’s charming to see the Beast and Belle’s relationship evolve. To have the power give someone an incentive to change is magical. It is after all, a

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