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Fahrenheit 451’s society is so much different than ours, but in ways they are exactly alike. In their society they don’t feel the way we feel, they don’t care what happens. They immediately turn to burning in order to solve the problem, they don’t just face it head on. We don’t have the option to just burn everything that is upsetting us. For them, if you don’t like what the books message is, burn it. You don’t like funerals, get rid of them and burn the body. Problem solved. They don’t realize that they are living in a world of pain, they are all just so numb to the fact that what they are doing is wrong. The only person that feels the pain is Montag. “I’m numb, he thought. When did the numbness really begin in my face?” (Bradbury, 77) Our society is the same in that sense. We live in pain, but we aren’t numb to it. We don’t let ourselves get to the point where we need to get rid of everything that makes us unhappy. We try to go at…show more content…
That doing nothing but staring at the wall is wrong. They believe everything they do is right. They probably wouldn’t be able to stand it if they found out the books weren’t evil, but you could learn so much from them. In our society that is all we learn from. Books. We even read them for fun. There is so much that they don’t know and never will because in their society its bad to know anything. It’s bad to think about even reading a book. It’s bad to even think about thinking about reading a book. They believe that their society is perfect and nothing is wrong. Mildred has so many problems and she doesn't even realize it. She even tried to take her life, but the ignorant part of her couldn’t stand to believe that she would ever do such a thing. “Yes,” he said. “ I wanted to talk to you.” He paused. “You took all the pills in your bottle last night.” “Oh I wouldn’t do that,” she said surprised.’ (Bradbury,

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