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What if something you loved dearly died suddenly and you had a way to bring it back to life; even if when it was brought back to life it wasn’t quite the same, what choice would you make? In Stephan King’s Pet Sematary that same choice is given to Dr. Louis Creed. Death is frightening because we don’t entirely understand it and when something that we love is lost, we feel like a part of us is missing inside; people that are enduring a loss can be driven to do things that they may later regret. In Pet Sematary many horror themes are present, some of the major themes are: loss, supernatural horror, and obsession; Louis Creed has to endure all of these throughout the novel. Stephan King’s novel, Pet Sematary places us in the home of a family that has just recently…show more content…
“Shape shifters, werewolves, and vampires challenge what it means to be human through revealing an animal self beneath the veneer of a civilized self” (Whisker 186). These are all examples of horror figures that are used generally and are classified almost the same as zombies. Some of their similarities are the way we’re looking at human figures that have been slightly reconfigured to look dead. Vampires are also known to have a completion that looks like death. In Pet Sematary King uses zombies to portray the animals and people that have been taken to the Mimic Burial Ground. He is constantly describing how Church now catches mice and birds and brings them into the house, and that is why he places the cat in the garage because he is utterly repulsed. When Gage is resurrected, he also wants flesh and works with the cat to attack Jud. When Gage goes to kill Rachel, he calls her Mommy to draw her to him and make her trust him until he can get close enough with Louis’s scalpel to kill her. Then Louis finds him eating some of the flesh off of Rachel, exhibiting all of the characteristics of a

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