Argumentative Essay On The Walking Dead

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AMC’s The Walking Dead has been argued as an unrealistic and graphic reality. The chances of a zombie epidemic forcing the end of civilization, many would see it as a slim to none chance. Not only does this show portray the end of civilization but it prepares you for the moment where this may just become a reality. Within all the action, suspense, cliff-hangers and jaw dropping moments, this is by far the best show on TV. This show was created by a man, Frank Daranbont who has a number of successful books and movies under his belt, as well as a number of Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards. With this record of success, you can expect a big successful immense show out of him, The Walking Dead. “This TV show has become the most successful show to ever be aired in AMC’s history”, stated co-creator Dave Erickson. It has become a powerhouse show for not only teenagers but also adults who wait patiently for new episodes that air every Sunday.…show more content…
Through this character we are able to portray ourselves in his shoes. If zombies ever did take over our world, we would react and do as Rick has. He teaches us how to protect family and all around how to survive. I can speak for myself and I am sure for also some other fans, this show is the most suspenseful show that has been aired. Every episode there is a new plot with its own cliff hanger that leaves you wanting more. It creates a mindset of ‘what would you do if you lived during the Walking Dead?’ would you stay in your home and try and ride it out with what you have? Would you always be on the run and scavenge for your supplies? These are the types of question this show asks

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