Facilitating Recidivism

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I. The racial disparities in the criminal justice system perpetuate the cycle of recidivism. Lack of post-prison aid and support is detrimental to ex-offenders dissidence. Education, guidance and opportunity are crucial for the discontinuation of minorities being the majority recidivist. II. Introduction- Prisoner Recidivism A. What is recidivism and how color matter in the criminal justice system. B. Under the canopy of recidivism, regardless of the specific type of crime, the issue if not changed will continue to perpetuate crime. While not every criminal reverts, problems within the criminal justice system are facilitating recidivism. III. Recidivism especially that of blacks as opposed to white released prisoners is disproportionate A. Lack…show more content…
Studies about the demographics and adversity inmates faced in and out of prison which they voluntarily provided. 2. The impact of the communities the criminals come from and are reentering. VI. Conclusion A. Over all problems within the criminal justice system and our society in general are facilitating recidivism. The issue of recidivism must be ameliorated or it will continue to perpetuate crime. B. Prisoner Recidivism or the relapse of criminal activity, particular to blacks as contrasting to white releasees’ is disproportionate. Communities that criminals come from are where they have to return. Studies and Data provide insight to recidivism rates but do not answer the question of why each individual recidivates. C. In conclusion, attempting to tackle these challenges while having to conform to society is difficult. Being shunned while attempting to rejoin after paying their debts to society is detrimental to their chances of recidivism. The rehabilitation they are supposed to acquire while contained, if any, would fall into desuetude. The failure to deter and support the ex-offenders is what maintains and the crime cycle. Not every criminal reverts, but the problems within the criminal justice system’s policies aid

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