Personal Narrative: The Prison Population

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The prisons population is a group of people I was taught to stay away from as a child. The mentally disabled people population was categorized as a group of people that were dangerous too. My mother was extremely protective over me, her youngest daughter; and through these primitive assumptions by her, it seemed to me that she was afraid of these groups of people herself. Coming out of my comfort zone, and choosing the “prisoners with mental illnesses” group for my Model for Change assignment, I believe it will allow me to expand my personal knowledge and bravery for this topic that I’ve been directed away from for such a great portion of my life. Doing research for this group of people will allow me to expand my horizons within my life and…show more content…
Mark Yu has some form of mental disparity that I do not specifically know about, but we all knew something was different about him. My parents moved from California to North Carolina because of Marks parents help and offering to get my father a good dental job here. Although, things didn’t work out and years later the Yu family decided to move to North Providence, New York. I remember as a child around the age of 7, Mark would randomly show up at our door steps and ask us how we are doing. My parents would bring him into our home and insisted him to spend the night, to make sure he was safe. Many years after his parents and 2 brothers moved up north, and I was 17; Mark showed up at our door steps again. It was impressive that Mark still remembered the directions to our house, and my parents were shocked because he has had to of driven from New York. And I remember my parents telling me to lock my door when he was spending the night, for my safety. I didn’t understand until 2 years ago, when my aunt and uncle were reported as murdered on July 15th, 2013. We saw on the news that Mark had killed his parents by blunt-force trauma and wrapped their bodied in bed sheets, left in the basement for the police to find. This is a story and memory that I have ignored for the past 2 years, but I do want to learn more about why Mark had done such a tragic thing, and how he is treated in prison now according to his mental

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