Exploring The Use Of Key Competencies In The Classroom

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Key Competencies are the abilities in which people have, and what they need to develop over their time at school and within their future to learn (Ministry of Education, 2014). Therefore they provide a significant indication of what a student can and cannot do (Reid, 2006). It is important for the key competencies to be fixed within the centre of learning, and developed within groups (Hipkins, 2005). This creates a deeper understand for the students, by giving them building blocks for their learning. Key competencies have an important need within the student’s lifelong learning. These competencies are used to integrate knowledge, skills, values and attitudes into the learning process (Hipkins, 2005). This creates learning that is holistic and used within everyday life and in the student’s future. By using competencies it creates contexts for learning, this therefore gives the learning some meaning and relevance within the student’s lives. The knowledge that they learn over time the students can use within those contexts (Hipkins, 2005).…show more content…
These competencies are developed within the classroom, while drawing on the student’s knowledge, attitudes and values to create an active and participating member of the classroom and the community (Ministry of Education, 2007). By creating more active participates within the classroom, students are likely to have more involvement, and learning becomes the central part of the classroom (Hipkins, Roberts & Bolstad,

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