Explain Why The Scientific Method Should Not Be Taught In Schools

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Why the scientific method as it is currently taught should not be taught in school By Deianira Children all around the world are trying to learn about the world around them through science but, one thing stands in their way from fully understanding science, the currently taught scientific method. I don't want the currently taught scientific method to be taught in schools because it does not clearly depict science and it takes away from the experience. One reason I think the currently taught scientific method should not be taught in schools is It does not clearly and accurately depict science. There is a story that is about a farmer. He is having trouble growing his orange trees. One day he gets this rusty bucket and pour water around the…show more content…
The farmer had conduced an experiment by testing buckets and found out that bucket that was rusted worked so he assumed that's what did it but, he did not go into why so he did not find out that it was the zinc. Then he told his friends and his friends tested his theory. And then found out it was wrong then figured out why it worked for him and not for them. They went through the scientific method but at a more complex and realistic way. When people like the author Jennifer Cutraro of "problems with the scientific method" say stuff like "but, scientist barely follow the steps of the scientific method". They mean as it is taught to young students. Real scientist collaborate and just doing rather than writing and following instructions. I understand that kids cant just pick random things but as Jennifer Cutraro puts it "They are all trying to make sense of the natural world by engaging in the kinds of activities that scientist do.". Scientist are not usually given a set of instructions they have to follow and make sure to cross their t's and dot their i's. Scientist are given a certain amount of money or materials and are

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