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Siddhartha Reading Responses RR#1 “The Child is father of the Man,” William Wordsworth – What do you think that this means? The path from childhood to man is one that involves learning wisdom and maturity. Starting from infancy, the most effective and common form of learning is through trial and error. Attempts to teach by rote or through anecdotal evidence rarely has a lasting effect. Throughout a lifetime, the learning process continues, marking the change from child to man. The most critical part of growing older is gaining more knowledge, more maturity, and more wisdom. Childhood is marked by an insatiable curiosity, a desire to learn to be complete. Yet not all attempts at learning have a impactful effect. The majority of impactful learning occurs from trial and error. Simple things are learned quickly, (“AHHH stoves are hot, OWW knives are sharp”), while others must be learned through observation and introspection. Men are borne from children in the sense that the desires of a child to become complete, knowing of all, push a person down the path to become a man. Whether through learning by error, or by studying the teachings of others, men are borne from learn Read selections from Bhagavad Gita, pp. 370-380. Note especially the article on Gandhi. RR#2 of Siddhartha Unit: Define dharma and karma.…show more content…
Siddhartha has turned into a Kamaswami of sorts, lusting after material goods and hedonistic desires. Siddhartha at this point has lost sight of his goal of reaching enlightenment. Om has in a way reawakened Siddhartha as to what his goal and life is about. Om reconnects him to his previous life experience, before his period of hedonism. To Siddhartha, happiness comes from discovery. Whether it is him letting go of physical desires, embracing physical desires, or rediscovering his life goals, what has brought Siddhartha happiness is finding out about the meaning of

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