Leon Kroll: Landscape With Houses

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Leon Kroll: Landscape with Houses (1916) The painting, Landscape with Houses (1916) by Leon Kroll employs different aspects to bring it out wonderfully to the eyes of the viewer. It depicts the physical world that encompasses us by the use of painting. The painting features some of the most common physical features that make a landscape painting. They include maintains, sky, buildings, rivers and the trees Light and Shade By the shading and use of light colors, the direction that the light is coming from is the South Eastern part of the painting. The windows of the house are directly facing the source of light. The importance of light in Landscape with Houses painting is to reveal to our sight the unique characteristics of an object. Through…show more content…
The uniform shading of the wall to make them reflect light uniformly helps the viewer to know the texture of walls. Rough, uneven wall would have had an irregular shading effect to depict an irregular reflection of the light. The hills are shaded irregularly to highlight the dry, uneven surface. Some of the parts of the hills are slightly hollow, and we know that by the shading. The hollows of the hills do not change the texture promptly but gradually to show the slight hollows. The leaves The depth illustrated The painter creates depth perception by using different shades of colors to tell us how far an object is from the surface of the painting. The shading of the buildings in the middle ground is lighter than the shading of the trees in the foreground that are darker. The hills and trees in the background use lighter colors. The viewers can tell the distance of a body through such shading. The river is the closest to the surface and uses light blue colors. A view of the painting appears to be suspended to have a better view of the landscape. There appears to be trees beneath the painting. Use of color to give a sense of things closer and further

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