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1. According to Bossuet, in what ways are kings “divine”? To begin with assertions of Jacques-Benigne Bossuet, He claims that royal authority directly comes from the God, and the God selects the kings as his ministers and control over the people by them. 2. How does he prove his assertion concerning the divinity of kings? To begin with Bossuet assertion proves concerning the divinity of kings. He mentions that the power comes from the God to kings and kings should respect their own power and use their power for serving the public. And they shouldn’t use the power in the wrong way furthermore they shouldn’t believe that the power is belongs to them. In addition he claims that kings must use the power with fear because one day God will call them for account and using the power of the God in a wrong way and place is horrible and is the sacrilege of using the power in the wrong way which comes from God to Kings. 3. In terms of monarch’s relationship…show more content…
According to Bossuet, what are the purposes of government? To begin with purposes of government, according to Bossuet the purpose of government is the prosperity and protection of the state and people. 5. Bossuet asserts that royal authority is absolute but not arbitrary. What does he mean by this distinction? First of all he claims that royal authority is absolute and it is not arbitrary, he means that where the word of king is, there is a power. And no one have right to ask the king that what is he doing? Because kings have right to do everything and people should obey the rules and do what king wants. To add more without this absolute authority the king cannot do anything good, even he cannot punish the evils and he can’t keep the order and unity among the people. So on account of this the power of the king should be like that, no one can’t escape from that. 6. According to Bossuet, what is the appropriate response on the part of royal subjects when their king would seem to act against justice and the true

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