Explain The Limitations Of Ww2 Women

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Lianne Hikind Final Exam. 1) Question: Did WWII create more opportunities or limitations for women? During World War II women were given more opportunities, and yet these opportunities were limited on a long term basis. These opportunities were also limited because of attitudes towards women workers. During war time, most men were drafted into the United States Army for combat or other positions and there was somewhat or a shortage in certain areas of the work force. And so women were encouraged to join and contribute not just to the workforce in general but also to the war effort. New skills were taught and new options opened up. At the same time though, it did not as was not a long term advantage, as these jobs were to be returned to…show more content…
The first time they proclaimed this truly publicly, is during the Miss America pageant in which they were trying to display how they felt about all women being hurt by beauty pageants, and because they represented all women in their opinions they were speaking in their name. The issue was as it seems that they seemed to have isolated themselves even from other feminists or women during this because of the antagonistic nature of their protest. Also the media seemed to take this the wrong way as well and made these Feminists out to be a kind of enemy of all beautiful pageant women, even though that was really the opposite of their goal. “Posters that read “Up against the wall Miss America” and “Miss America sells it” and Miss America is a big falsie hardly raised any women consciousness and really harmed the cause of sisterhood. The thing they were trying to accomplish, and the thing they were trying to avoid really seemed to get mixed up in the process of the protest. Another issue this movement faced was that they came off as anti women because they truly were not being clear enough on the subject. A few specific things came with this. For example the movement thought it was good idea to crown a sheep, in effort to say that those who participated in this were sheep. This was rather a mistake because it came off as…show more content…
During the time of WWII women who began to work in new industries or especially who joined the military who over sexualized. “Sexual repression coexisted with a "discursive explosion" around the subject of sex.4 Magazines, movies, posters, and other media covertly and overtly urged wartime women to provide sexualized support for the military in various types of public and private entertainment “ These women were made out to be seducers, and prostitutes and sluts by media and society and were classified differently than their fellow women who tried to maintain so called “Traditional

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