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How to lose breast fat? Irrespective of their age, women long to have bigger and fuller breasts and many women can go to any extent to achieve them, but there are some women who constantly struggle to lose the excess breast fat. Not only do bigger busts attract undue attention; they also create a variety of other problems for women. For starters, they are unable to wear fitted clothes, deep necks and certain types of dresses. It makes it very difficult for such women to talk to people face to face since most people’s gaze falls on the gigantic breasts! Women with extremely big breasts also suffer from back pain, neck pain and shoulder pain. It has a very negative effect on their posture and also leads to premature sagging. What causes the breasts to grow bigger? Breasts start developing at the onset of puberty and by the end of teenage, a girl’s breasts are…show more content…
The best way is to reduce breast fat by exercise. Here are a few exercises to lose breast fat fast: 1. Push ups – Doing push ups is a great way to lose breast fat. This exercise exerts the chest muscles and shoulders and thus helps to burn breast fat. You can begin with 5 push ups at a time and do these thrice within an interval of a few minutes. As your body gets used to it, you can increase the number of push ups to 10, 20 or 30. 2. Swimming – This is one of the best exercises to reduce breast fat. Swimming helps to exercise the entire body but your chest and shoulder muscles do most of the work. It helps to get rid of all the accumulated fat in a person’s body. 3. Weight Lifting – Some light weight lifting exercises are very useful in decreasing breast fat. You simply lift the weights even while sitting in a chair. This exercise can be done only for a duration a person is comfortable doing

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