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For many people freedom is taken for granted. For others people sacrifice and go through hard ships for freedom. In laila lalamis short story ' The Trip' the main character Murad gives up everything he has to try to gain a better life. In Julia Alvarez's 'Exile' the speaker is a young girl who unknowingly moves to another country. lastly in Jose Vargas's auto biographical article ' outlaw my life as a undocumented immigrant' internally and externally struggles with his illegal status and his achievement of the american dream. These three texts all prove that freedom is not easy and one most go through struggles before acquiring it. When one seeks freedom chances must be taken through out the journey. In 'the trip' Murad risks increase as he swims to shore with three layers of clothes on while memories of past experiences with water come back. Murad thinks " the idea of having to the rest of the way is intolerable especially for that are not native of tanager and accustomed to its water' (lalami 32). As a result this limits his opportunity of freedom in spain in the end he risks everything and there's no guarantee he will make it.…show more content…
in 'Exile' the main characters father wakes her up, tells her to get dressed, and then they " go to the beach" in reality they flee to america. the main character thinks, " we stood awhile, marveling at america, both of us trying to hard to feel luckier that we felt..."(Alvarez 253). this shows even though they have new opportunities and a shot at a better life to live, they still feel emotionally attached to their countries. missing what they

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