Examples Of The Devil's Restrictive Nature In The Crucible

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In the The Crucible, by Arthur Miller, the Puritan’s belief in the devil’s restrictive and aggressive nature is demonstrated through the characters of Tituba, Hale, and Abigail, which asserts his evilness, ownership, and power over those who have strong beliefs of the devil. The belief that devil states his power and ownership of Tituba shows the devil’s restrictive nature over people. The idea of Tituba contacting the devil and she repeats what he said, “‘But he say, “You work for me Tituba and I make you free.’”The assumption of the devil telling Tituba she works for him and he will make her free, shows the restrictive nature he has over people. Also, this shows that Puritan’s belief of the devil and how they feel towards him. The fact that…show more content…
The conversion between the devil and Tituba, had Tituba repeat the devil stating that, “‘Look! I have white people belong to me.’” The belief of the devil announcing that white people belong to him, indicates the restrictive and aggressive nature he has over people. This, also demonstrates why the Puritan believe the devil to be evil due to his use of power and ownership. The event of this happening also causes the Puritans to have even stronger belief against the devil. The devil’s barbaric presence and actions in the Puritans’ eyes is a belief , which demonstrates how aggressive the devil’s nature is because of his evilness,power, and aggressive. In an effort to get Tituba to help, Hale states, “Look at her god-given innocence; her soul is so tender; we must protect her… The devil is out preying on her like a beast upon the flesh of the pure lamb.’”The idea of how hostile the devil can be, signals how aggressive he can be over people. This also shows the Puritans’ belief of having to protect themselves from the devil. The reason is they believe they know how barbaric the devil can

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