Argumentative Essay On Community Policing

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“How do we gain the trust of the public so that we can turn this community around?” This is a common question that plagues many police departments across the United States. To help answer this question, many police departments have implanted community policing. This policing consists of two primary strategies: community partnerships and problem solving. Under the community policy philosophy, police and citizens of the community join together as partners to prevent crime. The police must assume new roles by becoming active members within a community. They form relationships with the residents. Community members are asked to actively participate in dealing with problems. Police officers have to see themselves as a member of the community instead…show more content…
In order to accomplish this, the police must implement community involvement programs to reduce fear among residents of high risk communities and to address public safety issues. Neighborhood watch programs are an example of community policing. The program encourages residents to be the eyes and ears of the community. Residents, when the community partnership works correctly, let police know about criminal activity in a neighborhood. During crime waves in a community, officers go door to door to talk to members of the communities as well as asking them for help in solving crimes. Some communities sponsor crime watch meetings where neighbors meet together, usually monthly, to talk about how they can improve the safety of the neighborhood. In addition to partnership policing, police departments use problem-oriented policing to be more effective in a community. This is the most important strategy in community policing. Once the persistent community problems are identified, strategies are developed to prevent it from happening again. Under this policy, police must use information gathered from small incidents and other sources to look at the big picture to find a permanent solution that prevents

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