How Did The Anti-Imperialists Strengthen Their Military Power?

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n economy. Expanding into other territories, Americans were able to market their goods to those who found interest in them and made profit. America transformed into a sort of resource bank, making them essential to the well-being of different districts. Although America was rather resourceful in itself, it utilized the resources of foreign countries like China and Hawaii for their own benefits as well. This allowed extraction to work in two ways. In addition to this, the United States utilized imperialism to strengthen their military power. Historian Alfred T. Mahan (1840-1914) advocated and encouraged American leaders to build stronger navies and naval bases, as history has proven nations to have been very successful with strong militaries. Efforts to build a strong military came with establishing bases in countries like Cuba and Hawaii. Following commodity and military concerns was America’s support of Social Darwinism. Through Social Darwinism, nations felt they had the right to intrude on those less…show more content…
One reason anti-imperialists were against America annexing was because they felt imperialism went against the basic principles of the foundation of the U.S. Established on a foundation of liberty and equality, imperialism deemed contradicting to these morals. Anti-imperialists did not feel as though any race was less important or more inferior in comparison to the next (including the United States), so possessing them was unnecessary. Another reason anti-imperialists opposed the annexation of the Philippines was because it was extremely costly, rendering detrimental to the finances of the United States. Anti-imperialists didn’t feel as though acquiring the Philippines to establish an alliance with China was necessary, either. They felt the Philippines was a mere recipe for disaster that could potentially spark a

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