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The word “Cherokee” comes from the Muskogee word meaning speaker of another language. The Cherokee tribe lived in the southeast region of the United States, in what is now Georgia, North and South Carolina, Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. After the tragic event known as The Trail of Tears occurred, most of the Cherokees were forced to move to Oklahoma. Even though thousands of Native Americans died on this journey, many modern day Cherokee still live to tell their traditions and way of life. This tribe made their houses out of rivercane and plaster. They usually settled their villages near a river, where fishing and rich soil were abundant. Also in the Cherokee villages were larger, seven sided buildings, used for ceremonies, a ballpark,…show more content…
The woman were in charge of farming, family, and property, while the men were in charge of war, diplomacy, and hunting. The woman also cooked for their family. Cooking is a very important part of the Cherokee nation as well as the life of a Cherokee woman. Corn, beans and squash, commonly referred to as “The Three Sisters”, were the main staple in traditional Cherokee foods. They often made their corn into tortillas used for tacos and made various soups using beans. In addition to those foods, Cherokee tribes also ate deer, turkey, non-poisonous plants and roots of the forest, berries, potatoes, pumpkin, fish, soup, cornbread, and popcorn as a part of their everyday diet. This tribe hunted and farmed to obtain all of their food. They did not live entirely from farming and hunting like the Mississippians to their west, though - Cherokee people kept on getting a lot of their food from gathering as well. This is probably mainly because of differences in the environment. Most meals that the Cherokees ate were very nutritional and positively benefited their bodies. These meals consisted largely of vegetables, gathered foods, and lean meat. These nutritious foods helped the Native Americans…show more content…
Even though the Cherokee didn’t celebrate an “American Thanksgiving” until 1885, they did host a thanksgiving ceremony dating back from as early as 1,000 BC, where they danced, played games such as stickball, and had a large feast, consisting of the foods previously discussed. This event took place, right after the New Year, when the Native Americans took time to give thanks for their successful corn crop that kept them alive. This occurrence is called the “Green Corn

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