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Self-Interest: the Puppet Master of Society Self-interest is taking advantage of a political situation in order to move along your own agenda at the expense of others. Amidst the political and social turmoil created by the Salem Witch trials, gave rise to egoistic thinking. Arthur Miller used the McCarthy hearings to illustrate the rigid ideology and hysteria that governed Puritan society and how it caused certain characters to act on their own self-interest. Arthur Miller uses the characters Thomas Putnam, Deputy Governor Danforth, and Reverend Parris to demonstrate that humans will naturally conform to their own self-interests and that going against the conformity requires prodigious vigor. Arthur Miller uses Thomas Putnam to demonstrate how greed caused him to pursue his self-interest through his procurement of property. When Putnam’s preference for the Salem ministry does not go in his favor, he results to his own desire for revenge. Through his rapacious and cunning actions, Thomas Putnam corrupts his daughter into committing perjury against Rebecca Nurse (26); in addition to his loathed neighbor George Jacobs. “Danforth: Mr. Putnam, I have here an accusation by Mr. Corey against you. He states that you coldly prompted your daughter to cry witchery upon George Jacobs that is now in jail” (96). This demonstrates the depth and degree of selfishness that compels Thomas Putnam toward revenge. Putnam…show more content…
Danforth ignores and opposes anyone who tries to question his misjudgment; Francis Nurse asserted “Excellency, we have proof for your eyes; God forbid you shut them to it. The girls, sir, the girls are frauds” (87). Danforth is not tolerant of the dissent Francis Nurse presents to his court, asserting that Danforth was mislead by the girls’ testimony. Even after he learns of the false testimony, he continues to carry his judicial duties as if the attestation were

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