Cultural Differences: Similarities Between Native Americans And Colonial Americans

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There are many distinguishing traits between Native Americans and colonial Americans which range from religion, family, politics, moral values, and the list continues. I will start with the basics. Native Americans were natural for the American continent as they had lived in this area for thousands of years and in isolation from the old continent, Europe. In the other hand, Colonial Americans originated from European immigration. Native Americans religious believes including a spiritual world were ancestors they ancestors awaited and their religious practices include singing or praying in their native language, dancing to drums rhythm, and use of herbs. Colonial Americans based their fate in Christianity and other variations. Their religious ceremonies are called mass and are based in readings of passages from the bible followed by the sermons from a respective religious authority. Another important difference between the Native Americans and the colonial Americans is their leadership system and family values. Native Americans valued greatly their elders and their wisdom was almost never questioned. Although, the chief of the tribes had the last word in the decision, tribes had/have committees composed of elders that assisted the chief with…show more content…
Some tribes were nomads, based their way of life in gathering, hunting and moving from one place to another. Other tribes were most stable and settled close to rivers to farm. For many of these tribes, the buffalo was very important source of food through the year. Unlike the Colonial Americans, Native Americans never only killed buffalos, they only killed what was necessary. For example, according to the textbook, Native American woman could make over 200 hundred different products from a single buffalo killed. The kidneys of the buffalo were used as containers to carry water, their skin for clothing and their bones for

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