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Sonia Sotomayor presents herself as an unwavering, single minded woman who attained incredible heights, but has no significant intimate relationships outside of her work and short lived marriage in her autobiography My Beloved World. Sonia’s courage and determination enabled her to escape poverty, overcome racism, economic prejudice and diabetes, while accomplishing her childhood dream of becoming a judge. We first encounter Sonia’s courageous spirit in the prologue. As an 8 year old girl, she learned how to administer insulin to herself through a needle. To most children, needles are one of the scariest things, but 8 year old Sonia took the matter into her own hands and gave herself the shots. Courageousness inhabited Sonia throughout her…show more content…
The prestigious law firm Shaw, Pittman, Potts & Trowbridge invited her to a recruitment dinner. At that dinner, a partner blatantly stated that she was unqualified and was admitted to Yale Law School as a quota. She responded that being Puerto Rican was probably helpful to her admission, but the fact she was a Phi Beta Kappa who graduated summa cum laude from Princeton was probably more important. Angered by his words, Sonia proceeded to go on a crusade against the firm to stop their recruitment of students at Yale. Yale, unhappy that she was trying to disrupt a prestigious law firm, was eager to settle the situation, but she refused to stand down. While she was unable to stop their recruiting on campus, she did receive a formal apology from the firm. Sonia’s success in life relied on more than just courage, she combined this courage with determination. She was incredibly determined to pursue an education as a means to overcome tremendous obstacles such as, poverty, racial and economic prejudice, uneducated parents, an alcoholic father, and diabetes. Despite these challenges, she was admitted to Princeton, and continued on to Yale Law School. Without determination, she would have never reached that far. In fact, when she told her guidance counselor about her plans to

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