Examples Of Misunderstanding In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In the Novel To Kill A Mockingbird shows us misunderstanding of how both adults and children react to different situations. This happens when parents don’t teach their kids at an early age on how to behave in certain situations. Also showing them what’s right from wrong. Some people don’t realize that they are invading other people’s privacy. For example, in the novel To Kill A Mockingbird it shows when Jem and Scout would go onto Mr. Radley property and tried to send Boo Radley a letter through the shutters. I did something somewhat similar when I was younger I would run around my neighbors area all around his house to make him come out because he would give me candy. The thing i never did was trying to send a letter through the shutters or anything.…show more content…
People don’t realize the danger they could get themselves into. The owner of the house could think someone is trying to rob him or something. For example when Jem sent the note or tried to send the note when he was coming back Mr. Radley heard a noise and went after it and started shooting. I know this from experience because my uncle would moa his neighbor’s lawn, but his neighbor had to work, and he had a maid, and she saw my uncle and I passing by through the window, and she called the cops because she thought we were robbing her, and we really weren’t we were just opening the shed to get the lawnmower out, the cops came afterward and asked so many questions. These kind of things could have been avoided by my uncle and I just coming back when the owner was home, and for other people just to respect other people’s property and

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