Tom Sawyer Jealous Quotes

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In The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, Becky Thatcher is jealous. Becky Thatcher goes to school with Tom Sawyer and they used to have a relationship together. Becky and Tom Sawyer were once engaged until Becky broke up with him. Tom then started talking to another girl, Amy Lawrence, trying to make Becky jealous. It worked. One example of how jealous Becky was was when she invited a lot of her friends to a picnic because she thought Tom would want to go and then she could win him back, but Tom seemed like he did not even notice. Mark Twain writes, “With clapping of joyful hands till all the group had begged for invitations but Tom and Amy… Becky’s legs trembled and the tears came to her eyes.”(113) Becky was disappointed that her jealous

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