Fat Amy Character Traits

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Sitting in seventh hour, waiting for the long, drooling minutes to pass by, and thinking about sprinting out of school to go watch the best movie ever: Pitch Perfect. By the first “ting” of the release bell everyone is up and running. Now the only thing between the car and the house are crazy high school drivers. After weaving in and out of traffic, it is finally time to sit down and watch the movie. Fat Amy, the hilarious blonde from Pitch Perfect pops onto the screen. She has a way of relieving stress from a long, grueling day of school. Fat Amy is a leader because she exhibits the trait of happiness in all situations, she follows her dreams, and she shows ways to give positive re-enforcement. Fat Amy has a way of changing anyone's mood…show more content…
Fat Amy, right from the beginning of the movie, tells Becca the main character, that she is called Fat Amy so other girls cannot call her fat behind her back. Fat Amy shows a lot of character in this scene because she is able to take her size and use it in a way to make others laugh. Throughout the movie, Fat Amy makes little jabs at her own size. In some of the a capella routines, she hits her stomach in an effort to show people that she obviously knows she is fat and she is okay with it. In a scene where the girls are doing cardio, Amy points out that she is not able to do what they are asking her because she is not in good enough shape. She suggests that she could take part in "horizontal running," which just means she lays down and flails her legs. Fat Amy’s ability to take what could be a tough situation and make them into a humorous situation is admirable. Fat Amy leads in many ways, but her way of just putting it all out there really sticks out. Amy is able to say what is on her mind and not offend others while doing it. When a difficult conversation is brought up, Fat Amy is the first person to say what she is thinking. Amy is not afraid to tell others the truth even if it may cause hurt feelings. There is almost no way to be offended when Fat Amy talks because she just has a certain way of making a heavy conversation

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