Hegemonic Masculinity In Fruitvale Station

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Hegemonic masculinity has been a subject of studies for many years. Many aspects of how and why men act the way they do have been discussed and researched movies are one of the many ways the media influence and further the bias that is ever present in the need to prove ones masculinity. Schrock and Schwalbe say “For an individual male to enjoy the benefits that derive from membership in the dominant gender group, he must present himself to others as a particular kind of social being: man.”(132); this however is not to say that a man who presents oneself with this particular set of qualities will enjoy or even want the benefit of being included in said group. Using overarching view of each movie’s manhood acts, and presentation of hegemonic…show more content…
The same is present in Fruitvale Station, however there is an additional element, instead of the main authority being a machine the authorities are white males representing RSA in the form of law enforcement, there is an additional use of racism which is used as a vessel to undermine the masculinity of the African American…show more content…
This example goes against what Bird quotes Connell stating that “Hegemonic masculinity…is ‘constructed in relation to women and to subordinate masculinities’ [which] shapes the overall framework of gender relations.” (149) Sarah Conner is presented as stronger than men and often stronger than machine at least in mental strength. Sarah Conner is the exception to the rule in these two movies; the other women represented are dominated, whether by masculinity, circumstance, or raw emotion; the biggest factor being emotion or better yet the inability to present emotional detachment which is a primary factor in

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