Examples Of Karl Marxism In The Giver

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Philosophy is a concept that makes you think deeply about everything in life. You become more curious about your surroundings, and always ask why. Different philosophers believe in different things, and make us look at things from a different perspective. In ancient times, philosophy was looked upon, because if people put more thought into things, it would be harder for governments to control their people. Karl Marx’s conflict theory best relates to the society portrayed in The Giver, where citizens are controlled in every aspect of their life and strayed away from experiencing many things that makes life worth living. In the Giver, their society is made so that everyone is equal. The Elders and Chief Elder think that if everything is equal, then there will be no prejudice, pain, fear, war, and hatred. The…show more content…
If you don’t make mistakes in life, you don’t learn anything. An ideal life has to have its ups and downs because if you experience both then you appreciate the good moments in life. In the Giver, “Elsewhere” is always looked upon, because a diverse society with hatred, fear, and prejudice should never be experienced. What was unique about this diverse society was that there were different races of people, different weather patterns, different holidays, and along with different activities such as sledding and parties. If the decisions in life were always decided by someone else, life would be boring and no one would appreciate their life as much. It would be the same routine everyday instead of a big adventure. There is a boundary that separates the old society from the new community and if anyone crosses it then the new society would be transferred back to the old society and all the citizens would be able to experience all the things they were never able to. The whole community is resembled as a post-Marxist

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