Examples Of Happiness In The Count Of Monte Cristo

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Throughout the history of mankind, happiness has been a major question of philosophy and psychology. Despite it being a major question, happiness has never been truly defined. So, just what is happiness? Happiness is not defined by words, but rather various emotions and factors. The idea of happiness is different for every generation and develops as people age. Happiness is not a consistent feeling that lasts throughout life, as different factors and circumstances are introduced. Starting with the youngest age group, children tend to have materialistic aspects of happiness. Children are generally happier than adults because they don’t face the problems that adults endure. Children’s happiness is commonly linked to materials, such as toys…show more content…
A drastic example of how circumstances change would be in The Count of Monte Cristo when Dantès is sent into prison for a crime he was falsely accused of. During his time in prison, Dantès changes his idea of happiness from love to revenge. This is shown symbolically when Dumas states that Dantès’ “soul became dark…[and] his mind was filled with a single thought: that his happiness [was] destroyed for no apparent reason” (Dumas 41). Soon after this incident Dantès vowed that he would seek vengeance on the people who sent him to prison. Dantès found a new happiness with screwing up the lives of those who did him injustice. Another change in circumstance that would affect happiness would be how older people’s health begin to deteriorate. This leads to doubt about their health or physical and mental abilities. I have witnessed my grandpa suffer from Alzheimer's disease, a brain disease in which memory and other brain functions are lost, and it was saddening to see him struggle to remember my name and the name of others who loved him. Based from these two circumstance, one can see how people find solace in different things due to their

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