How Did Benjamin Franklin Contribute To A Better Person

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Our forefather Benjamin Franklin had a big effect on people then and today. He was raised in Philadelphia and was involved in many developments around amerce. For, example he made public libraries, the first college in his home town and fire departments. He did many things that even in today’s generation persons try to follow his example and try to be a better person. Asking themselves what good the can do that day and reminding themselves to do something with themselves and not waste their time. He come up with thirteen traits that we believed would help others as well as himself to get to where he wanted to be in becoming a better person. He knew you could not be perfect but he was determined to come as close to perfect as he possibly could. Benjamin Franklin was a man of self-improvement, he observed himself and tried to do good things every day. In order to do this he would map out his day and always remind himself that he needed to do something good in the world that day. His schedule was in order from the time he went to bed until the time he got up. He would rise, wash eat breakfast and go on from his day by the time it is nine o’clock. From nine to twelve he would work and when done he would dine or eat lunch and overlook his accounts after he was done reading. From two to four he would finish up work…show more content…
He believed that every day he could make a difference, even if it was just for himself. He had good health and wished to keep it that way. He came up with traits that were not only good for his health but so that every day he can just be a little better. Everyone has habits Benjamin himself had them and he was determined to try and get rid of the bad ones. He even found himself struggling with this, he come to the realization that maybe he would not be able to get rid of all the habits but he was determined to do his best and still become a better person in any other way he

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