Justified In The Count Of Monte Cristo

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Humans see, humans lie, humans fight, humans die—that is the cycle of life. In The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, three men(Danglars, Caderousse, and Fernand) see the main character's, Edmond Dantes's, good fortune and falsely accuse him of treason, a crime punishable by lifelong incarceration.Villefort, the prosecutor of Dantes's case, knows of Dantes's innocence but tosses Dantes into jail anyway for his own political gain. Decades later, Dantes reenters their lives as the Count of Monte Cristo. As the Count, Dantes battles the men indirectly, ultimately leading them to either death or insanity. Even after his revenge, Dantes remains unsatisfied, because nothing justifies revenge—not even false imprisonment. While Dantes destroys the men's lives, he does not notice that he is destroying innocent lives along with the guilty ones. The families of the men had no involvement in falsely imprisoning Dantes; they merely associated with the men that did. Because of that, the families suffered Dantes's wrath as well. The most prominent example is Dantes…show more content…
For that reason, he keeps his personalities separated into different aliases. Dantes only carries out actions pertaining to his vengeance when he is the Count of Monte Cristo. Furthermore, at the end of the book, Dantes signs off his letter to Maximilian Morrel as "Edmond Dantes, Count of Monte Cristo," (Dumas 617) merging two identities into one. This shows that the Count lets go of his past, of all the misdoings, and accepts his life for what it is. Vengeance is an intervening obstacle, obstructing Dantes's path to happiness. Once he relinquishes vengeance and moves on by accepting that nothing justifies vengeance, he can pursue his happiness in the form of loving Haydee as he joyfully exclaims on page 615: "Through you[Haydee], I[Dantes] come back to life, through you I can suffer, and through you, I can be happy" (Dumas

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