Examples Of Double Morality In Young Goodman Brown

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Double Moral Double moral is a subject that not many dare to bring up to the light, it is justified by those who do not dare, avoiding the truth in order to not face that those have fallen in to the double moral by keeping it in silence, turning them into accomplices of that double moral. Just as in the novel with Young Goodman Brown. Young Goodman Brown, by Nathaniel Hawthorne, develops into the classic campaign where good and evil disputes fate of the protagonist. The author juggles with the moral in various occasions exposing that even the most honorable person can be deceived to fall in the double moral; taking the protagonist, Goodman Brown, on a journey to prove what the nature of his faith is. Goodman gets on an adventure deep into the sinister forest, in order to deprecate the attempt of the devil to clout him out Christianity; a test he believes his devout faith is prepared to confront, weather he is going to turn his sight to another way or accept what is reveled to him.…show more content…
The predominant theme in this tale, which is common in Hawthorne's gothic writing, is the realization that corruption can infect people who seem perfectly decent; giving the idea that people is not what they seem. Throughout the course of his journey, Goodman Brown discovers that even highly reputable people are susceptible to darkness; in this case it can be magnified to our reality, to the corruption in politicians that get overwhelmed by power, for

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