Examining Comparison And Contrast In Beyond The Lights

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Examining Comparison and Contrast in Beyond the Lights Some people would argue that parents do certain things to make sure that their children have a good life such as putting them in good schools, feeding them, and providing them with shelter. However, some would also argue that they are just controlling their children’s life or perhaps trying to live through them. The parents usually end up pushing their children to do things that they wish they had done when they were younger. Parents want the best for their children; sometimes they just don’t know how to show it. In Beyond the Lights, Noni and Kaz are trying to find the way to make themselves happy. Both are faced with the challenge of their parents trying to control their every move…show more content…
In Beyond the Lights, Noni goes to a fried chicken place and takes the time to watch planes take off with Kaz after a day of being in the spotlight. This shows that Noni does not want to constantly be in the spotlight; sometimes she just wants to be a regular person. Noni wants to be known for the person she really is. Noni does not want to be known to her fans just as a singer that wears revealing clothing. For Instance, in Beyond the Lights Noni was performing at the BET awards. The dancers were supposed to pull off Noni’s jacket, However, Noni didn’t allow them to remove her jacket. This shows that Noni did not feel comfortable with showing off her body on stage which is why she stopped them from exposing her. Kaz’s father Captain Nicol also tried to control Kaz’s lifestyle. Unlike Macy Jean, Captain Nicol wanted his son’s life to be more conservative by introducing him to the idea of running for councilmen. Kaz followed his father’s footsteps and became a police officer. In Beyond the Lights, Kaz tells his father that “he was like superman to him. And that all he wanted to do was to be just like him” but that is before he realized exactly what he has to go through as a police officer as a result of his near death experience where he was almost

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