Eviving Goffman Dramaturgy Model

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Dramaturgy Self-presentation is how people perceive themselves and how they present that perception to others in everyday life. People are constantly trying to convince others that they possess certain traits by how they fix their hair, the clothes they wear, or the makeup they put on. People constantly present themselves in certain ways to impress people around them. Erving Goffman explains why self-presentation is so important in today’s society through the dramaturgy model. The Dramaturgy model relies on social interactions where people are constantly living their lives as though they are on stage. Just as people on stage, people manage actions, clothing, and place to present an impression of themselves to others. He has broken the self-presentation into two categories; the back stage and front stage behavior. The backstage consists of when people do not have an audience and are able to prepare and recover from their performance in society. Behind the scenes people are able to act themselves and sometimes reveal aspects of their life that the audience would find unacceptable for instance walking around their home necked, spanking children, or cursing. Behind the scenes people are able to relax due to not trying their hardest to present themselves in a particular way. The front stage consists of performing to an audience where people are able to view the main presentation. During the front stage performance our behavior is open for judgment by other people in…show more content…
It explains why people are constantly trying to put on a show in order to maintain a certain image or role in society. The back stage helps people to prepare themselves for the outside world however the front stage allows people to present themselves. These stages help people to understand what motivates others to act, or present themselves in a particular

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