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The Evil Within Evil is inside everyone and can be influenced very easily. The book Lord of the Flies written by William Golding demonstrates how evil is inside everyone. This book tells a story about young British schoolboys who crashed on a tropical island. On this island they are forced to create a society which eventually does not work out. The boys become savages and express the inborn evil within all of us. The savagery comes out because the boys fail to form a good society and the island turns into chaos. There are three main characters who express the evil inside everyone more than anyone else. Those three are Jack, Roger, and Ralph. In Lord of the Flies Golding is trying to show the readers the inborn evil within the boys on…show more content…
There are many instances where Jack feels as if he is better than the rest, and can do whatever he wants. An example of this is, “Jack took a step, and able at last to hit someone, stuck his fist into Piggy’s stomach”(Golding 71). This part of the story shows exactly what Golding is trying to get across in the book, that evil is inside everyone and can be influenced very easily as it was in this part of the book. Even before Jack arrived on the island he showed the evil inherent to everyone. He did this by controlling his choir with a militaristic style. Jack has been conditioned to manipulate the choir boys so Jack feels that he should be able to do the same with the other boys on the island. This proves Golding’s assessment that evil is not just inherited, but always a part of us. Jack’s evil acts continue throughout the story and here is another example of it is,” Jack leapt to his feet, slashed off a great hunk of meat, and flung it down at Simon’s feet saying eat it, damn you!” (Golding 74). Jack, as shown in this quote, can turn into a different person and express the inborn evil. Jack acts like a villain in a movie. He tries to ruin the schoolboys survival on the island by doing whatever he wants when he feels like it. He does things things for no reason and helps further prove Golding’s point of the inborn evil inherent to

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