Lord Of The Flies Good Vs Evil Essay

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As human beings, we have the power to make decisions for just about anything in our lives.. Everyday, we choose whether we want to be good or evil. Even though we have evil inside us, we can either reject it or let it take over. The inherent evil of man is inevitable, but we choose whether to be good or bad. Golding is saying through Lord of the Flies, that all men have evil inside of them but we choose to reject or not and without civilization evil becomes stronger and takes over quicker. My first question I was wondering while reading was why did Roger throw the stones at the littluns to miss? Roger throws to miss because he because he still has the ideas of civilization in his head, where the laws and order matter. Those ideas keep him in line and prevent him from actually throwing stones at the littlun. At the same time, he is throwing stones at a younger kid even though he knows it’s wrong. It shows the evil is inside of him and it is slowly taking over as society becomes less important. Without society, Roger becomes a ruthless killer and it becomes harder for him to reject the brewing evil. My second question was most of the story takes place on the island. What is the meaning of the setting? The island is a like the of Garden of Eden, the island has plenty of fruit trees and is surrounded by gorgeous scenery. It’s a sort…show more content…
I was able to identify his argument as I read the transformations of the characters. Some of the characters stayed civilized and rejected evil like Simon, Piggy and Ralph. They kept social order and tried to help the group get off the island. Others become savages and strive for evil like Roger and Jack. They broke off from the group and wanted nothing more but to achieve power and lead a sinister

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