Everyday Use By Alice Walker Analysis

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The conflict of the Alice Walker story “Everyday Use” is essential to the reader’s understanding of Mama Choice to give Maggie the quilts. The tone of each character is crucial to understand the conflict. The author creates a conflict, helping us understand the meaning of how the main character tries to keep the family tradition, even though it will hurt their loved ones. Mama is the only one who recognizes how valuable the quilt is for the family. Dee a modernize woman having trouble understanding her mother. Dee is having an argument with her mother not realizing why her mother is not offering her the quilt: “Dee (Wangero) looked at me with hatred. ‘ You just will not understand. The point is these quilts, these quilts!” (Walker 477). Dee assumes that she understands the value behind these quilts, but she doesn’t know…show more content…
Dee is having a negative attitude towards these quilts: “You just don’t understand,’ she said, as Maggie and I came out to the car. ‘What don’t I understand?’ I wanted to know. ‘Your heritage,’ she said” (Walker 478) .Dee is having a negative assumption that her mother doesn’t know anything. Dee tone expresses her anger toward her mother when she doesn’t give the quilts to her. Majority of the time a mother knows what’s best for the family, and the narrator is doing a great job by passing the quilt to Maggie. The narrator doesn’t get upset at the fact that her daughter is thinking negative. She believes Maggie will take care of them and make wise decisions with these quilts. The narrator also thinks that these quilts will mean something to Maggie and will keep on the tradition going. This conflict made the story improved by making us understand that tradition is really important. Also, how simple a quilt can break up relationship because how important tradition is. Anyway, we understand the story much better when Maggie disrespected her
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