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“Modified Mediterranean Diet Score and Cardiovascular Risk in a North American Working Population” by Justin Yang, Andrea Farioli, Maria Korre, and Stefanos N. Kales is a study conducted to investigate the effects of Mediterranean diet on cardiovascular disease. In other words, the researcher’s goal is to confirm whether or not a Mediterranean diet has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system amongst the youth. What is known so far about the study is that greater adherence to a Mediterranean diet is said to be linked to a significantly lower risk for cardiovascular mortality amongst older subjects with or without existing health conditions. To add more context to what is known, lifestyle habits has long been linked to the decreasing risk…show more content…
The study was done by a questionnaire that adds up points by specific food group. Lowest score resulting in not on per with a Mediterranean diet to highest being on the same level as a Mediterranean diet. Basically the researchers were using data collected by the questionnaire which the study group took as a way to draw patterns in diet and health status. In addition, the data will tell the researchers about details regarding intake from different food groups; wine was one beverage that the researchers focused on the most. Prior to the questionnaire, the scores are all added up ranging from 0 (no conformity to a Mediterranean-style diet) to 42 (maximal conformity to a Mediterranean-style diet). They also used the score data from the questionnaire to compare to the study group individuals’ BMI. From that the researchers reported weight change over the last 5 years to identify changes in weight change. After data was clarified and concluded, the researchers found that 97% of the study group (about 780 people) met the inclusion criteria and were chosen for the final analysis. The other 3% were excluded due to 31incomplete

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