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The second notable architect, worthy to be discussed here, is Heminumu from the old kingdom, the builder of the “great pyramid”, the biggest in scale than all pyramids of Egypt. To raise such a monument, laborers required to move almost six and a half million tons of stone using nothing but wood and rope, therefore Heminumu must have a massive labor force working under him. According to Hawass and Lehner, cities equipped with all the facilities for daily life, were created to house the great number of workers and their families. Graffiti on the stones of his mastaba marked dates referring to Khufu's reign (2555-2520), and that described Heminumu as the architect for this king of the fourth dynasty. The titles he held, defined him as an important official responsible for great tasks, as the title of a Vizier, and the overseer of all works of the king who was second in command reporting directly to the king. Heminumn’s tomb lied close to the great pyramid, and this showes the honor given to him by Khufu. The tomb housed a statue depicting him in his accurate traits, which showed him as a man of character and strong personality (Fig.…show more content…
It is obvious and with no doubt that Heminumu who held the title of a Vizier, and the overseer of all works of the king, was an important man, admired by the king, and who was responsible for the immense work that required a massive workforce, and the great everlasting

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