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A vaccinated vs an unvaccinated population The question arises, should every individual get vaccinations for the common flu to a disease that is almost completely eradicated? Despite having many benefits to being vaccinated people still chose not to be vaccinated. It is important to be vaccinated because the overall health and security of the population is better ensured. This is because it has less risk of destroying herd immunity and prevents more disease. Vaccination has eradicated many diseases that our parents and grandparents were plagued by. Many diseases such as smallpox, measles, and mumps plagued people throughout history. Vaccination has lead to a much healthier society because the population no longer has to be plagued by certain diseases. Today vaccinations are a affordable and common method of preventing the spread of diseases. Adults and children both need to be vaccinated to see positive results in a population. So many people can prevent the spread of disease by just being vaccinated. Vaccination has lead to immunity from many…show more content…
One example that demonstrates just how quickly a disease can wrangle the world population is the the Spanish flu. In one year one third of the world's population was killed. This is the deadliest flu epidemic in the modern world. One reason for this is that a vaccine had not been developed at the time so the entire world population was susceptible to the disease. Only after a vaccine was developed was the Spanish flu eradicated. This shows the power of vaccines. Today the Spanish flu has been eradicated and is not a currently relevant. Overall the number of those infected by disease is much greater in unvaccinated individuals than in vaccinated individuals. Herd immunity cannot protect those that are not vaccinated. This means that the entire world's population can only be safe if everyone is

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