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Perna Arts is film production company struggle to create sustainability in the market. The structure and economics of film production are not particularly well suited to building sustainable companies wherever one is situated around the world. However Perna was of the first in the business to recruit a professional manager as a chief executive officer to play as project manager of the film production. The management of projects both simple and complex is challenging, even when measures of success are known and understood. Here it is like other business. Perna Arts has identified a number of common factors which have contributed to building individual successful film around the world. Film production managers ensure that film and television…show more content…
One property a pioneer must have is that of seeing the 'master plan' doing things right is sufficiently bad, the project managers "must" make the best decision. Contemporary authors on the subject of leadership, for example, Bennis, argue that leaders who don't have this all-encompassing capacity are likely to have short-lived careers. As per Bennis, exemplary leaders are recognized by their dominance of skills in experience, judgment, and character Prior research by McManus and Wood-Harper (in 2003) highlights that organisations search for various potential aptitude sets in their project managers, the most critical being a strong comprehension of the business and business…show more content…
For example, some project managers give business and specialized assurance to senior management, while others give assets and domain knowledge to support management in meeting their goals. Fundamentally, project management can incorporate numerous parts, acting in diverse limits inside distinctive geographies and organizational units. Developing patterns in project management and leadership point to a future where specialized abilities will have less currency, than those connected with what is termed human-element management Various issues fitting this term are driving the way organisations prepare their project managers to do orders in their ward. This is not to negate the significance of specialized abilities and domain knowledge, yet there is acknowledgment that there is a more noteworthy requirement for aptitudes in managing intrapersonal and interpersonal issues, particularly with stakeholders and senior levels of

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