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There are two main systems for the measurement known as the Metric system and Imperial system.The Imperial system is also known as British Imperial system, used in many parts of the world in from 16th to the 19th century. Although the Metric system has gained popularity nowadays, the Imperial system is still used by many countries, like the United Kingdom. While working in these countries you may find difficulty in units. In Metric System we use gram as a unit of mass and if you are told the mass in Pounds used by the Imperial system, you will probably get confused. In this article of Tape daily, we will explain the conversion of different units in pounds one by one. Before starting the conversion there are few terms which are essential…show more content…
The question arises in the mind that why lb is used for the abbreviation of the pound. And the answer is that it is descended from the ancient Roman word Libra. Libra means scale or balance which was a unit of measurement in ancient times. Pound was originated from this word Libra and lb represents this world Libra. Ounce The ounce is the unit of mass used in the United States and British system is usually 1/16 of the pound and it is represented by "oz". It is used in the food packages, food portions and postal items etc in the United States. Gram Gram is the derived unit of mass in the Metric system and is defined as 1000th of the base unit of mass in SI system Kilogram and it is represented by g or gm. Gram is widely used in the world nowadays. It is used for the shopping of grocery or food items worldwide. Conversion of Ounce into Pound As we have described earlier that 1 ounce =1/16 pound 1 ounce = 0.0625 pound For the conversion of an ounce into the pound, we will unquestionably multiply ounce by 0.0625. Let’s say we have 48 ounces of any food package and we want to covert it in pound then 48 ounces = 0.0625 x 48 48 ounces = 3
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