How Did 16th Century Exploration Impact European People

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Essay Assignment #1 2/10/15 Peter Hong The 16th century exploration impacted European people through expansion/ exploration of land, economic and religious advances. All of which are important for the European expansion. Upon the exploration of the new world. Portugal and Spain had been the first Atlantic nations to take advantage of the age of exploration, both becoming great colonial powers. Along new discoveries like ship routes, cultures, and people. The Africans have directly been impacted from 16th century exploration and onward. Among popular trades routes like the Spice Islands, the Portuguese discovered profits that could be made in Africa. The Portuguese build forts on the west and east costs of Africa and tried to dominate the gold trade. In 1602 the Dutch East India Company, a trading company sponsored a settlement in southern Africa which eventual became a permanent colony. Dutch farmers began to settle in the outside of the city of Cape Town. The area's moderate climate and freedom from tropical diseases made it attractive for Europeans to settle there. The traffic of slave was not new and many other areas of the world had been practiced in Africa since ancient times. The primary market for African slaves…show more content…
Cane sugar had first been introduced to Europeans from the Middle East during the Crusades. The Portuguese set up their own sugar plantations worked by African laborers on the island off the central coast of Africa. Because the growing can sugar demands both skill and large quantities of labor, the new plantations required more workers that could be provided by the small American Indian population in the New World. The climate and soil in West Africa were not good for the cultivation of sugar, African slave began to be shipped to Brazil and the Caribbean to work on the

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