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Cotton and Linen Cotton and linen are fibres that come from a plant source therefore it is classified as a cellulose fibre which means it is a natural source fibre. The cotton fibre grows around seeds of cotton and the fibres are cylindrical while growing. The cotton fibre gives a resemblance of twisted ribbon with thickened edged. Each of the fibres have a canal through its centre, through which nutrients pass. The linen fabric on the other hand is taken from a stalk of flax plant, this is called a bast fibre; therefore this fibre is cellulose, meaning it’s a natural fibre. The fibre of cotton plant are staple fibre and the linen fibres are therefore also staple but the linen fibres are longer than the cotton fibres. Dawn, J. (1990,120)…show more content…
Sowing 2. Pulling 3. Stacking 4. Rippling 5. Retting 6. Breaking 7. Scutching 8. Hackling 9. Spinning 10. Weaving The processing of Cotton has 10 stages: 1. Sowing 2. Harvesting 3. Gin 4. Ginning, Baling & Grading 5. Transported to Textile Mill 6. Blending & Cleaning 7. Scutching & Carding 8. Combing (optional) 9. Drawing & Spinning 10. Weaving or Knitting 1. Sowing moderate climate with a frost free period and lots of sunshine and moderate rainfall is needed to cultivation of cotton. The plant is planted in early spring in the northern hemisphere. The plant has a light yellow flower, it turns red, it later dies leaving a cotton boll which is a seed capsule. When the ball ripens, it bursts and fibres are exposed to the sun. fibres are now ready for harvest. 2. Harvesting harvest machines twist the boll from the plant without damaging it. The plant continues to grow if the cotton boll is picked without damaging the plant. The tracking of crops progress and measure mineral level, are used using a sophisticated machinery 3. Gin the cotton bolls are packed into modules by modules packers. These modules are covered and left in the cotton fields until transported to the ginning mill. Some machines create modules when harvesting and offload when

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