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50 Phenomenal Spiral Perms - Amazing Looks For Curl Lovers (Part One) Perms have come a long way in the last couple of years so when you think about perms you no longer need to picture old ladies and stinky chemicals. Today’s perms are gentler on the hair while achieving the precise look that you want. With spiral curls, there are just so many looks that you can try and there is a curl for every girl. Even if you are just looking to add a slight wave then a perm could be a lasting solution! Lovely permed curls not only look stunning but they could also be saving you loads of time in your beauty routine as most of the styles you are about to see are wash and wear! Beauty and convenience – spiral perms offer both! Feel like you are ready to choose your perm? We’ve got 50 amazing examples to show you. # 1 Skinny Curls Tight spiral perms like this one…show more content…
For a warm inviting feel add a golden sunset palette of color to your perm and get ready for fun – perms have come a long way since your granny’s time! # 3 Long and Loose All little girls want a head full of curls and now you can have them! Loose S-shaped waves like these can be achieved with an acid perm which is more effective (and gentler) than an alkaline perm. Use it to create natural looking curls and waves with plenty of texture and bouncy body. # 4 Retro Style The brushed out curls look is making a comeback and we couldn’t be more pleased. Rock this 80’s lock by adding a cheeky flip in front and using products that give the hair added shine. # 5 Curly Bob How tight you want your curls is all up to you – for looser looks chose bigger rods and if you want a tight ringlet look like you see here, go for smaller ones. Off the shoulder bobs like this look amazing with a perm, just remember to cut some layers around the face to keep it neat and structured. # 6 Ringlet

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