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Let us eat Bugs for it is the Future of Food Security As per United Nations Report Out the total 7 billion people living on our planet, a staggering 2 Billion people eat insects as part of their regular diet which in itself speaks volumes about “Entomophagy”, a term used for the human consumption of insects as food. Contrary to popular belief, In most parts of the world - 80% to be precise - like in North, Central and South America; and Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, insect-eating is very common to their native cultures and some species of insects are even considered as delicacies. More than 1,900 species of insects are known to be eaten in theses countries. Westerners often looked down upon Insects for being at the bottom of the food chain and are loathed for being pests to their crops and livestock; Insects play a fundamental role in functioning of the ecosystem, as pollinators, they aid to the reproduction of most flowering plants, they are foremost decomposers of dead plants and animals, and introduce microorganisms that continue this process and release nutrients for new plant growth. Insects, far from being just “calamity foods” to be eaten in times of food scarcity or when conventional foods’ becomes difficult to obtain, are a food of choice in…show more content…
It has become of paramount importance to look for alternate source of food and nutrition and what is a better option than Insects, which are not only natural and organic but are powerhouse of fat, protein and fibre that are comparable to that of a fishmeal or soyameal. Edible insects are sourced from their natural habitats, like forests, wild jungles but rapid progress is being made in the area of Mass breeding insects which requires minimum technical know-how, capital and

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