Sex Offender Registries Essay

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Sex Offender Registries are Good In my opinion, it is a good thing that sex offender registries exist. There are many reasons in which they exist, and many results because of their existence. Their reasons include allowing people to be aware of their neighbors, keeping criminals in track, and preventing criminals from recommitting crimes. I feel that sex offender registries’ good reasons outweigh the claims made by the opposing opinion holders. Allowing people to be aware of who their neighbors are is a great reason to have sex offender registries. People want to know who, in their neighborhood, is a sex offender, in order to protect themselves as well as their children. If their child’s bus stop is a little too close to that offender’s home…show more content…
One example of this is having a sign placed in the offender’s yard for the neighborhood to see. Though this may be seen as public discrimination, it may be necessary in order to inform people; although, these signs may also be a bit harsh in terms of a punishment. Maybe, as a compromise, the law could look into each specific case and decide whether or not that person should have a sign in their yard. People may also state that offenders were wrongly convicted for statutory rape, and did what they did for “love.” If these people loved their victims, then why could they not wait a few years in order to share their love legally? It only makes sense that their love for each other could allow them to wait. The same people who protest the sex offender registries also might talk about the small percentage of offenders who recommit sex crimes. Though these facts may be true, the results can probably be accounted for by the sex offender registries themselves. The opposing opinion may also have an example of some certain man or woman who turned their entire life around after they were released from jail, and never committed another crime again, and went on to be an active person in their community. They would use this to argue that sex offenders are not going to reoffend or something of the sort. This argument is also invalid because there are always

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